Official launch of the Democratic Socialists for Justice in Palestine

This is the official launch of DSA’s Justice in Palestine group. We came together in June 2017 to draft and submit a resolution to be debated and voted on at DSA’s August national convention. We are DSA activists from across the country who are committed to the liberation of the people of Palestine.

Some of us have been to Palestine and have experienced, first hand, the horror of the occupation and apartheid conditions. For those of us who haven’t, we remain equally committed to justice and liberation, not just in Palestine, but for all oppressed people around the world.

We will issue periodic statements on the latest developments of the BDS movement, on other Palestine solidarity work, and on events unfolding regarding the occupation. Our goal is both for education on the occupation and to build a strong group of Palestine solidarity activists within DSA which we hope to contribute to a massive global movement to end the occupation of Palestine and the apartheid regime of the Israeli government.

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